Dorcas Annette Walker
writing with a personal touch

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 A little bit about me...

 Dorcas Annette Walker, a second generation hemophilia carrier, is a published author, speaker, and columnist whose cooking column, Creative Mountain Cookin, appeared weekly in the The Newport Plain Talk and Herald-Citizen. She is also a freelance magazine writer, does writer workshops, and is a photographer from Jamestown, Tennessee.

Dorcas’ life began up on the side of a mountain in Northern Pennsylvania at a small clinic where her mother was the only patient. After her entrance into the world that afternoon, the doctor went out into the woods behind the clinic and shot a deer. He declared that Dorcas brought him luck.  Most of Dorcas’ life has been spent living on a mountain. She is definitely a mountain girl.

Besides raising two children with hemophilia and keeping up with her minister husband, who traveled as an evangelist throughout the United States, Dorcas taught kindergarten, was an assistant teacher, and reading monitor at the private school where her children attended. She then worked for three years at the local Jamestown hospital as a CNA, switchboard operator, ward secretary, and did medical transcription in the radiology department.  In between all her duties, Dorcas wrote.

Dorcas was an editorial consultant to Hemalog for several years, a book reviewer for the Christian Library Book Journal, and her articles have been published in medical magazines and other books. She is best known for her memoir, To Say Good-bye.  Dorcas has a diploma from: The Institute of Children’s Literature for writing children’s books, ICS as a personal computer specialist, Professional Career Development Institute for medical transcription, and the Tennessee Technology Center as a nurse’s technician.

Dorcas won the Centeon photo calendar contest in 1998, American at the Millennium- The Best Poems and Poets of the 20th Century in 1999, Editor’s Choice Award by the International Library of Poetry in 2003, Knoxville News Sentinel photo contest in 2006, and Empire Who’s Who Empowering Executives & Professionals in 2006. She has been published in the P.E.N. with a reprint in New Zealand, Hemalog with a reprint in the Spanish edition, Tidings, Christian Library Journal, Holiness Evangelist, The Human Factor, Independent Bible Methodist church magazine, Standard, Pulse, Grit, Vista, and The Ladies Companion. Her publishing credentials in books include: Raising A Child With Hemophilia by Armour 1991, Meditations For the Bereaved by Gilgal Publishing 1998, self-published 3-book Christmas Program series in 2001, To Say Good-bye by Publish America 2002, she coauthored and self-published Power for Healing in 2002, Power to Pray 2004, and self-published Motherhood in 2004.  In 2010, Dorcas was featured in the 2010 Writer's Byline Calendar and was awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Poetry by Eber & Wein Publishing for her poem, Loves Butterfly. In 2011, she had a devotional published in, Love is a Verb, by Gary Chapman and James Stuart Bell.  2014 had a article published in the Matrix Health News.