Dorcas Annette Walker
writing with a personal touch

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Cat Conceit

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Cats, those mysterious independent creatures, who deign to allow you into their life by a whim or fancy of their own, have a way of taking over your life with their presence.  They are able to turn invisible in a blink of an eye blending in with their surroundings by being totally still. Over the years visitors to my house have mistaken one of my calico cats as a decorative pillow several times nearly jumping out of their skin when after a couple of hours the pillow suddenly moved.  Another cat, who loved to spend hours on top of a birdhouse in my front yard (for some reason no birds ever took to setting up a nest during that time), was photographed by an out-of-state relative, who was totally entranced with my unusual birdhouse- even wanting to know where I had gotten such- and wouldn't be convinced that it was a real live cat on top of the birdhouse until I called its name and the crazy cat finally, reluctantly, stirred to life. But what is more relaxing than to see a cat curled up by a fire, in your lap, or around your feet purring away in sheer bliss? 

 Cats communicate by different ways: their tail, the twitch of their whiskers, the position of their ears, purring, chirping noises, or vocal yowls. What cat owner hasn't been frustrated over the loud meowing noise of their pet when they are hungry and your furry feline doesn't think that you are moving fast enough.  Cats ultimately control their owners and their surroundings.  Just let a person, who hates cats, come to visit and the cat (who previously didn't want to be petted or played with) will jump up into the cat hater's lap, roll around, purr, and spread their fur all over the person disregarding all rebuffs or efforts to get their furry body off the person.  Or when you sink into your recliner totally wiped out guess who will decide to jump up all frisky and want to play.  Put on a brand new outfit and your cat will be determined to sit in your lap- even if they have ignored you for days.  Or place a different piece of furniture in your house and instantly your cat will have to inspect, lie on, or play with it claiming the new item as their territory.  What other pet can give their owner so much joy and exasperation in the twitch of whisker?

Once a cat has claimed you it is for life.  They will tolerate and even purr for other people, but their catty heart loyalty is yours alone.  Some cats will hide under a bed or leave the room if visitors? come- ignoring all calls to show off your pet- giving only you the sole honor of their devotion.   You don?t own your cat; your cat owns you!  That is why some people hate cats. Their self-reliance is astounding.  Cats can walk away and survive on their own; the only link that binds your cat to you an unseen unexplainable tie stronger than steel.  Falling in love with a cat changes your life forever.