Dorcas Annette Walker
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 Books by: Dorcas 


 Faced with yearly physical and social evaluations of both children due to having hemophilia, along with being a pastor and evangelist's wife, Dorcas still insists that God is able to make us successful mothers no matter what circumstances we face.  Motherhood is a 42 page paperback book filled with personal insights that Dorcas learned while raising her two children.  $4.00 postpaid



 These 3 Christmas program book plays can be adapted for small or large groups.

Book #1.  Have you any room for Jesus?  A mother is trying to get ready for Christmas, but keeps getting interupped by needy people knocking at her door.  They help her find room for Jesus during the busy holiday season.  A Christmas Report.  A reporter from a major newspaper goes on a fact-finding mission to discover the truth about birth of Christ, travels to  Israel, and gets invovled in the birth of the Messiah. Christmas Peace.  Mrs. Owens is rushed to get everything ready for  Christmas for her family, lands in the hospital after an accident, with a loss of memory.  She regains her memory after hearing the Christmas story and comes home in time to help her family celebrate Christmas. A Family for Christmas.  A narration where characters silently act out the part of an orphan girl, who wishes to have a family of her own for Christmas, and gets her wish in a different manner than her dreams.

Book #2Christmas Eve Miracle.  A worldly family finds the true meaning of  Christmas in unexpected ways. God's Gift.  The Christmas story from the angel's perspective from the manger to the cross ending with the white throne judgement. Putting Christ into Christmas.  A Christian  mother and father at Christmas realize thattheir three children, who have been raised in church, are drifting away.  They pray and God answers prayer in a miraculous way.

Book #3 Crises at Christmas. An airplane flightof passengers to Israel during the Christmas holiday season crashes in the desert and the surviving passengers find the true meaning of Christmas before they are rescued. The Difference. Twin girls choose opposite ways of life.  Jynette finds out that leaving Christ out of her life only brings heartache and despair.  Her twin sister,  Lynette, leads her back to Christ in time to celebrate Christmas.   The Talking Donkey.  The Christmas story from a donkey's point of view. Each book $4.00 postpaid or all 3 books for $10.00 postpaid.



Books coauthored by: Dorcas & Dana Walker 


The Power Series. Power For Healing discusses what the Bible has to say about healing, answers questions about healing, and gives cases of healing that the Walkers have experienced.  Power to Pray discusses waht the Bible has to say about prayer, how to pray effectively, and gives answers to prayer.  Each Book $4.00 postpaid or both books for $6.00 postpaid.



Books by: Rev. Dana Walker

Full and Complete Salvation gives a simple explanation of salvation, holiness, and growing in the Christian walk.  This book has been used as a handout for new converts.   $2.00 postpaid


The Tabernacle SeriesHoliness Truths from the Hebrew Tabernacle is a study about the structure of the wilderness tabernacle. Furniture of Faith from the Hebrew Tabernacle is a detailed study on all the furniture in the  wilderness tabernacle.  Offerings of Hope from the Hebrew Tabernacle takes a look at all the different offerings of the wilderness tabernacle.  Each book $5.00 postpaid or all 3 books for $12.00 postpaid.


 Remarks on Romans is a verse by verse commentary on the book of Romans, which can be used for a daily devotional Bible study.   $10.00 postpaid


 Marvels from Matthew (Vol 1 & 2) is a detailed verse by verse commentary on the book of Matthew. $20.00 postpaid


 Sermon Outline Series.  #1. The Fruits of the Spirit contains nine sermon outlines on each fruit of the Spirit taken from sermons in Dana Walker's ministry.  The Christian Life contains nine sermon outlines on the different aspects of the Christian life also taken from actual sermons.  Each book $4.00 postpaid or both books for $6.00 postpaid.



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