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Posted by Dorcas Annette Walker on November 6, 2014 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

(Photography compliments of my talented daughter, Dawn)

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While up north there have been severe winter storms, down here in the Tennessee Mountains we have been having rain and then more rain. If I didn't live on the mountain I'd be thinking of building or buying a boat as there has been lots of flooding in the low areas. Each sunny day is a welcome relief. Despite the up's and down's of mild to arctic temperatures since the new year started, life is stirring everywhere as green shoots break through the barren ground and buds thicken on branches signaling the beginning of spring . What joy!

Inside seeds have been planted on windowsills in anticipation of gardening outside. Cozy fires in the wood-stoves break the chill during the day and keep the house warm at night. Each day still finds us carrying in wood and cleaning out ashes. And when the sun breaks through I hang out wash to whip dry in the spring winds.

 Ah yes, spring has finally sprung here in the Tennessee Mountains!

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